The Goals of the Region include:

To ask in Prayers both as individuals and corporate fellowship at all levels from chapter to Regional activities. We must pray through.

To specifically ask for souls everywhere, for the 7 Gates of the society, for nations, for divine provision of finances and other logistics

To Launch a Palace Chapter in every district.

To establish Eminent Chapters in Uyo, Calabar and Yenegoa.

To inspire equip and deploy every member to actively engage in soul winning :

  • Emphasize Discipleship and Holy Ghost blitz in the Region
  • Every District to organize Men’s advance as well as Ladies advance.

To double our membership in every chapter by applying:

 operation 555

tools of MPO and FTO and Land Lift

  • We shall re-strategize on harvest retention.
  • All officers of the chapter are to be conscripted into the follow up team.
  • Targets must be set for follow-up committees and the members.

Every zone to launch at least one chapter this year.

To increase attendance in our meetings to 250,000 persons in our region  

To win 15,000 souls to Christ.  Each chapter to win at least 30 souls to Christ within the year.

To increase our registered membership from 12,409 to 20,000.

To increase chapter  count in the Region from 590 to 700

Each Zone to run at least 40 MPOs and 20 FTOs in the year.

ALTS Quarterly in every chapter

To strategically reach out to the three arms of Government. As such, every DC must organize a strategic outreach targeted at public servants.

Each District to go on Airlift to at least one African Nation

Each Chapter must have a functional arm of Ladies of the Fellowship.

We need to increase our voice distribution in the Region to 150,000.

  • Set-up functional THP in every district  by TV and/or Radio
  • Get SET-FREE Chapters functional in all prisons in the Region.
  • To encourage by carrot and stick and moral suasion the attendance of CPs and officers’ wives in our programs.
  • National Directors to ensure that all chapters in their Zone pay correct tithe to the National Office.
  • To work towards a very successful National Convention :
  •  Every zone should register at least 100 persons.
  •  We must endeavor to pay our convention levy.
  •  Plan to attend.